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Welcome to Social Tapas – Meals that connects people! This help info will be updated continuosly.

To start a new Social Tapas meal event

Click Create new event, in the side menu. Fill in the info about your meal location.

In details you can write anything relevant or important the guests need to know. If you want, you can also write your member display name () so people can search and add you as friend on the website and contact you easily.

Click “Enable registration for this event” and change the name of “Standard ticket” to a name you prefer.
There are two possible ways to add ticket items to your event.

  1. All guests will register their seat as a standard guest booking (ticket) and bring whatever you tell them to in the event main description
    Then just edit the ticket “standard ticket” and set how many guests you want to be able to come to your event (spaces).
    You will need to explain (in the details section) what guests need to bring to the event. For example their own favourite meal.
  2. All guests will choose from meal ingredients specified by you
    You need to create and add one new ticket type for every type of food item you need for the meal event.
    For example if you want these options available: “1 Sallad”, “5 tomatoes”, “2kg potatoes” you will need 3 separate created tickets. Change each ticket name to the individual name of the different ingredients.
    For example:
    First ticket name: 5 tomatoes
    Second ticket name : 1 Sallad
    …and so on.
    You will need to specify the amount (spaces) that you need for each ticket type. If you want one person to bring 5 tomatoes and not any one else you need to type 1 in the “Spaces” box. Usually it is pre-filled with 10. If you type 1 into the “Spaces” box, only one guest can book this ticket type and then it will be unavailable for the next guest who tries to book.
    After one ticket type is created, click “close ticket editor” and click “Add new ticket” to add a new type of ticket.
    Each guest can then choose from one/or more of these items and this will be added to their registration for the event.
    If you want guests to book more than one ticket type (or meal ingredient type) just explain in the event details.

Submit event when you are done.

If you need to change anything go to “Edit created events” and click on the event name.

When a member signs up to your event you will recieve an email message containing what they have registered for, the guest´s member name contact info. After this you can easily contact them on the website or send a regualar email if you need to say something.

To connect a discussion group (member chat grop) to a new event

Click Create chat group in the side menu and follow the setup instructions.

Go back to your event that you created and below event name select the discussion group you want to connect this event with.

You can then in the event details box explain that you have this group available for guests so that they can join it and ask questions and speak to other guests before the event to prevent unexpected problems for the upcoming event.

Your event will show up in the discussion group top panel when you are inside the group.

You will find all groups in the main menu item “Member chat groups”. You will find the groups you have started or where you are a member of if you click “My chat groups”.

You can invite other social tapas website members to your discussion group by adding them as a friend and then send group invitation.

All members inside a group can easily chat with each others at the same time to for example discuss the preparation before an event.

Friends and private messages

If you have added another website member as your friend, you can send private message to them.

If you have anything new you need to check about events, messages or other activity, a red marker will show next to the menu item.

Keep adding more friends from the members on our website to help grow and keep track of your expanding social network.

Remember to see this website just as a help to administrate events and connect to other people. But the most important is to be social with everybody when you meet in real life on our Social Tapas!